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Christian Rattat was born in Dinslaken, Germany, in 1968. He is as a software developer for over 20 years. He started his programming career 1987 with a Commodore Amiga 2000. Today he works as a lead software architect for Infor, a big international company. He has created applications and platforms for finance, risk management, traffic telematics, but he also created professional microcontroller-based applications.

Through one of his hobbies, building and flying multirotors, he got in touch with technical topics like 3D printing and CNC milling. Owning a CNC milling machine was an obvious next step. With the Stepcraft-2/600 and a bunch of accessories selfmade parts for the rc hobby today are built quickly and professional. With passion he shares his experience with others through his books.

CNC-Fräsen für Einsteiger
Christian Rattat

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  • Brian clark

    12. April 2016 at 22:06 Reply

    How can I find the down load beispiel01-schriftzug.plt thank you for your helpb

    • Christian Rattat

      13. April 2016 at 18:08 Reply

      Hi there, I added the file to the download section of this site. Best regards, Christian Rattat

  • Brian Clark

    16. April 2016 at 12:45 Reply

    Thank you for the download this will help me a lot, And I must say the BOOK just right for me as I am new to cnc. 100% I will look in at this page for more tips (Mfg Brian Clark)

  • Ingo Fähse

    30. April 2016 at 19:17 Reply

    Sehr gutes Buch, hilft mir bei der Entscheidung, welche Fräse ich kaufen werde. Es wird sicherlich die Stepcraft 2/840 mit UCCNC werden.

  • Wolfram Kruse

    17. May 2016 at 19:24 Reply

    Das Buch hilft bei der Entscheidung, ob eine Fräse wichtig ist und was alles zu beachten ist. Großes Lob. Allerdings vermisse ich auf dieser Seite die Datei winpcnc.pp – die Profil-Datei für PCB-gcode, auf die im Buch verwiesen wird.

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